What is the return policy for the Kids Kitchen Wizard eBook?
This eBook is non-returnable and non-refundable.

How do I get the eBook?
When you purchase an eBook you will be emailed a "download link" available to you for a limited time period to download the file. Simply click on the download link, follow the instructions and save the file to your computer or device.

Can I read the file on multiple devices?
Yes, as long as each device has the appropriate software to read the format. We do not limit the number of devices you can read the book on.

I accidentally ordered the wrong eBook format. Can I get my eBook in the correct format?
Contact us so that we can review your order and determine what can be done for your specific situation.

Why is the download link only valid for 72 hours?
The reason we have a time limit on the link is to protect our ebook from fraudulent or multiple downloads of the copyrighted material that is an eBook. We hope you can respect this by ensuring that you access the material within the time limit and only do so to load the product on your own devices. 

My download link time limit has expired. What do I do?
Contact us so that we may review your order and reactivate the link for you accordingly.


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