Sooo Over Shakes

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Welcome to “Sooo Over Shakes.” This book is for any one of you who have been on the Shake diets, lost the weight you wished to lose and found over time the weight ended up coming back. This is what happened to me, which made me think there had to be an easier way.

I was out on my morning walk one day and thought –“Yuk!! I just could not stand the thought of tasting or smelling another Shake. I’m sooo over shakes!” That’s when the whole concept of putting this book together started ticking along. I thought, there has got to be many others out there in the same predicament as me so why not help others as well as myself maintain our weight. I realised most of us are busy people – working, looking after our families etc, so at the end of the day we just want to get dinner over and done with.

In this book you will find a whole month of meals that will take you * less than 15 minutes to prepare *Are low in Carbs *Easy to Cook *and Delicious. There are Salad Side Dishes and Vegetable Side Dishes that makes this an all season Cook Book. All ingredients have been carefully researched regarding Carb content. Most Shakes have approximately 30g of carbs per Shake; so 2 slices of wholegrain toast for brekky or a wrap for lunch is ok. You will find Shopping Lists in this book, which can be downloaded to make life a little easier.

These meals are the real thing. They have been cooked in my kitchen, tasted in my kitchen and photographed in my kitchen. I have kept my extra kilos off and maintained my ideal weight and I believe you can achieve this too.

Why not give these delicious meals a go? You’ve got nothing to lose – except some weight of course!!

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